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Douglas fir fencing is a beautiful and versatile type of fence that will look great on any property, but it also has many other benefits. It can be used for both residential and commercial purposes, as well as to enclose outdoor spaces like pools or tennis courts. This type of fence is perfect if you’re looking for something that’s eco-friendly and low maintenance. If you’re thinking about douglas fir fencing in Fullerton, California, Fullerton Pro Fence Company is the company for you. Call us today at (714) 709-2709.

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You may have noticed that your fence is starting to look a little worse for wear. You might be thinking about replacing it with a newer, more stylish model. However, you don’t know how to go about finding the right company for this job and/or what qualifications they should have. Luckily, Fullerton Pro Fence Company has all the experience necessary to ensure that you get Douglas fir fencing done correctly.

Fullerton Pro Fence Company is a professional fence company that offers great customer service at affordable prices. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. All our work is backed by a warranty so you can count on us to stand behind the quality of our workmanship. If you have any questions about what type of fencing would be best for your home or lawn please give us a call at (714) 709-2709. Our fence contractors in Fullerton are available 24/365 for your convenience.

Douglas Fir Fencing in Fullerton, CA

A fence is a necessary part of any property, whether it’s to keep pets and livestock in or unwanted guests out. Douglas fir fencing has many benefits that make it the perfect choice for almost any homeowner, from its affordability and durability to its natural beauty.

The most common type of Douglas fir used as a fencing material is the Western Red Cedar (also called “Red Cedar” or “Arborvitae”). The cedar tree grows quickly – sometimes reaching up to 100 feet tall – making it an excellent option for those looking for a quick fix. But beware: because cedar trees grow so fast and can be harvested at just the young age of 20 years, they don’t have much time to develop a strong core. This can lead to the need for expensive repairs or replacements in just a few short years.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Douglas Fir Fence

Douglas fir fencing is a popular choice for homeowners who want to keep their property safe and secure. This softwood has many benefits that make it an appealing option, such as its strength and durability. If you’re considering installing this type of fence in your home, here are some things to consider:

The installation process can be complicated with Douglas Fir because of the natural knots and irregularities found in the wood grain. It’s important to have someone experienced with this type of material do the installation so they know how best to work around these issues. Otherwise, if done incorrectly, not only will your new fence look bad but it may also fail prematurely due to lack of adequate structural support from an uneven vertical post spacing or insufficient cross ties between posts.

Douglas fir fencing needs to be stained and sealed at least once a year with exterior grade oil-based products like Penofin, Cabot’s Exterior Oil Based Stain, or Sikkens Cetol Marine Finish UV protection for Douglas fir fence. If you don’t do this it will not only look bad but the wood will also warp and rot prematurely.

Douglas fir fence is an economical choice for fencing because it can last up to 40 years with regular maintenance that includes a yearly stain & seal treatment, Douglas fir posts should be cut off flat at the ground level every three to five years (depending on how fast they are weathered) which means you won’t need Douglas fir posts in the future, and fence boards should be periodically taken out & refastened to maintain their structural integrity.

How Much Does Douglas Fir Fence Cost?

Douglas Fir fencing is one of the most popular types of fences for homeowners in Fullerton. The reason for this popularity is due to its durability, affordability, and natural beauty. With an average cost of $8-10 per foot, it appeals to homeowners who are on a tight budget but still want to invest in quality materials that will last many years. It’s also worth noting that there are other less expensive options available if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly.

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